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2009–2012 DPhil
Departments of Physics and Chemistry
University of Oxford
2008–2009 Doctoral training
Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Centre
University of Oxford
2004–2008 MPhys (first class)
Specialized in Condensed Matter Physics and Biological Physics
University of Oxford
2002–2004 A-Levels
Physics (A), Chemistry (A), Mathematics (A) and Further Mathematics (A)
Therfield School, England
2000–2002 GCSEs
A* in 9 subjects and A in 2 subjects
Therfield School, England
1993–2000 Earlier education American Community School, England
Walworth Barbour American International School in Israel
International School of Kenya
Colegio Anglo Colombiano, Colombia



  • Villar, G., Graham, A.D. and Bayley, H. (2012). Submitted.
  • Villar, G., Heron, A.J. and Bayley, H. Formation of droplet networks that function in aqueous environments. Nature Nanotechnol. 6, 803–808 (2011). (link)
  • Villar, G. and Bayley, H. “Functional droplet interface bilayers.” In Encyclopedia of Biophysics (Springer 2012).
  • Villar, G., Agarwal, S. and Jones, N.S. High throughput network analysis. Proceedings of the Workshop on Analysis of Complex Networks, ECML-PKDD (2010).
  • Villar, G., Wilber, A.W., Williamson, A.J., Thiara, P., Doye, J.P.K., Louis, A.A., Jochum, M.N., Lewis, A.C.F. and Levy, E.D. Self-assembly and evolution of homomeric protein complexes. Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 118106 (2009). (link)


  • Villar, G. Multisomes: functional encapsulated droplet networks. Poster presented at the Department of Physics, University of Oxford (2011).
  • Villar, G. Evolving a DNA oscillator. Poster presented at the DTC Annual Conference, University of Oxford (2010).
  • Villar, G., Doye, J. P. K., Wilber, A. W., and Williamson, A. J. Modelling the self-assembly of tetrameric protein complexes. Poster presented at the conference Physics Meets Biology, University of Oxford (2008).


  • Undergraduate Physics exam results ranked in top ten of the year
  • Data Connection prize for best use of software in an MPhys project
  • Scholarships in Physics at Keble College, Oxford, for performance in examinations every year
  • Distinction in first-year University exams
  • Prize for performance in Collections in Physics at Keble College, Oxford
  • Prizes from Physics tutors of Keble College, Oxford, for essays: Review of laser propulsion technology and Quantum dynamics of wave packets in one spatial dimension
  • Awards from Therfield School, England: Excellent achievement in Physics, Excellent achievement in Year 13, Excellent A-Level Results, Excellent GCSE results and Excellent attainment in English Literature



  • Experienced in physical modelling using analytical and computational techniques
  • Experienced in mathematical modelling of complex systems, disease dynamics, pattern formation and statistical processes
  • Experienced in electrophysiology, micromachining, 3D printing, microfluidics and fluorescence microscopy
  • Proficient in MATLAB and C, and experienced in object-oriented programming and microcontroller programming
  • Proficient in 2D and 3D illustration


  • Capable of investigating and solving problems independently
  • Capable of creative and analytical thinking for problem solving
  • Accustomed to solving practical problems quickly, given local assets and constraints


  • Enjoy working with people who are passionate about their work
  • Experienced in presenting complex information clearly and accessibly
  • Supervised three graduate and undergraduate students for several months
  • Tutored doctoral students on biological thermodynamics
  • Tutored secondary-school students on mathematics, physics and English
  • Fluent in English and Spanish, and with working knowledge of French and basic Italian